Ubie Global Team - We Are Hiring

Ubie Global Team - We Are Hiring

01. Hello!

Ubie is
  • The healthcare AI startup co-founded by MD and Engineer, based in Tokyo 🇯🇵, Singapore 🇸🇬, and New York 🇺🇸
  • The fastest-growing startup in Japan nominated by LinkedIn in 2021 📈
  • One of the most agile companies in APAC/US with 600+ releases and 200+ user interviews per year
  • The flat organization without management, applying Holacracy
  • Backed up by IDEO and funded by IDEO's partner Design for Ventures
  • Hiring founding members of Global Team to accelerate the business for the US

Recent Tech Crunch Coverage! 🚀

Covered by Tech Crunch US for our Series C Funding and the establishment of US entity (Dec 2022)

02. Current Openings

We're all filled up on full-time roles at the moment. Keep an eye on Ubie's LinkedIn for the latest job openings!

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03. Hiring Process

Job Interview Process

  • Most of the topics in the whole interview would be about your Ubieness.
  • In general, the whole process can be completed in about two weeks to a month. This is flexible and can be adjusted.
  • All the interviews are conducted online (Google Meet)

Our Values in action - Ubieness

  • Ubieness is a mindset that all Ubie's members must-have.
  • We think very highly of Ubieness, rather than the hard skills in every job role.
  • Regardless of your current job role, we focus on the following points most throughout the hiring process and try to match each other based on them.

The ability to design actionable tasks and execute them, regardless of methodology, to achieve high-value business goals

Sense of company ownership

See things from a company-wide perspective, discover the most pressing problems, and quickly solve them in ways that most benefits the entire company

Speak your mind, be constructive

Speak candidly and move things forward. Achieve positive effects with your words. Be willing to accept frank communications from your peers

Zero-based thinking

The ability to design actionable tasks and execute them, regardless of methodology, to achieve high-value business goals

Learning Animal

A passion for continuous learning and application of knowledge in problem-solving

Critical thinking

Cut through the noise to identify the essence of things. Think and communicate in a structured, efficient manner

04. Our Company Culture

Unique Organisational Design in Ubie


Quick Self-checklists for Better Culture Matching

  • The following checklists are the typical "Ubie"-like behavior/way of thinking.
  • These are just examples, but we hope they will be somewhat helpful for you to understand our culture more deeply.


Point of ViewThose who tend to matchThose who don't

I'm "purpose-oriented". Also, they say I communicate "frankly and openly"

I'm "methodology-oriented". Also, they say I communicate "in a modest and reserved manner"

hacking the human bias and common sense

doing things in the right and correct way

do everything if it has a high ROI and is necessary for achieving user/business goals

focus on my expertise and develop it more

as a member of a cross-functional team (e.g. scrum team)

with colleagues who have a similar speciality (e.g. design team, engineering team)

Identify key metrics/insights that anyone has not discovered before

stretching given key metrics by 10X

I have experience in setting team-/ company-wide missions on my own and am committed to accomplishing them

My boss often sets my missions for me, and I’m good at doing it well

I'm willing to join in recruiting activities, developing organizational values, and fostering its culture

I would rather leave those activities to other members of the team

I believe it's a "waste of time" to evaluate other humans correctly. Instead, we should focus on customers

I deserve to evaluate my bosses/colleagues/juniors correctly, and I deserve to be evaluated correctly too

05. Our Products

  • For now, Ubie APAC Team is developing a product that guides patients to appropriate care for the US market.
  • We are currently trying to interconnect key stakeholders to redesign the entire patient experience from onset to recovery.
  • In the long run, we aim to build an open medical data platform that contributes to better health outcomes.

For Patients

Ubie - AI Symptom Checker

- Originally launched in Japan and launched the US ver. in 2022
- 7M+ MAU in US/APAC and NPS 50+ points within a year
- Originally launched in Japan and launched the US ver. in 2022 - 7M+ MAU in US/APAC and NPS 50+ points within a year

06. Our Team




Kota Kubo

Co-Founder, US CEO, Product Owner



Dr. Unnati Patel

Senior Medical Consultant



Sanjeev Menon

BizDev, Partnership



Alexander Kerman



APAC-based (in Japan, Singapore, and India)


Jun Sakata

Site Reliability Engineer, GDE



Amitabh Jain

Software Engineer



Anuj Sahai

Software Engineer



Lukas Prashun

Software Engineer



Priyamvadha Prakash




Tina Katna




Shoko Suzuki

Singapore CEO, Product Owner



Ryosei Hatakeyama

Product Designer


Blog Posts





Our Partners

Design Collaboration with D4V/IDEO

Design for Ventures(D4V), one of the VCs that has supported Ubie since the very early stage, and its partner, the global design company IDEO, always helps us design for better human-centered experiences.

Case Story of designing a better onboarding experience in Japan's clinics

07. FAQs


What are the major challenges that your company's industry faces?"
  • No matter whether you are in Japan, Singapore, or the U.S., it's very difficult for patients to reach the appropriate care.
  • For example, when people google their symptoms, many people find the medical information overwhelming.
  • Even though players like pharmaceutical companies are trying to bring awareness to the medication they have developed, the information is mostly delivered to doctors.
  • We are aiming to close the gap in the industry by guiding patients to the right care by being a reliable source of information.
What differentiates Ubie from competitors?”
  • There are competitors in the US in terms of Symptom Checkers.
  • However, they are very different regarding how and for who they provide value and how they acquire users. 
  • It is also our uniqueness in that the BtoB product is used by more than 1100 medical institutions in Japan, and the accuracy of the data is improving daily through feedback from physicians.


Any other interesting uses of AI and machine learning worth highlighting that aren't mentioned above? How does your main product work?”
How do you decide your design?”
What tools does your team usually use?”

Here are the examples below. Basically, every member has the authority to decide what to use in order to maximize the ROI of the business.

  • GitHub
  • Figma
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • miro (for low-fi prototyping or ideation)
  • FullStory, Dovetail, Zoom (for online user research)
  • Google BigQuery, Redash, Tableau (for data analysis)
  • Jira (for managing weekly sprint development)
  • STUDIO (for designing corporate/product site)


  • Slack
  • DeepL auto-translation API on Slack (Japanese ↔ English)
  • Notion (for stock information such as on-boarding)
  • Google Slides (for sales materials)
  • Google Meets (for internal meetings)
What kind of development languages and tools do you usually use?“
  • We flexibly select development languages, frameworks and communication tools, etc according to their purpose and situation.
  • image


Why did you choose New York in the U.S. and Singapore for overseas market penetration? When did you open the Singapore subsidiary?”
  • We opened the Singapore subsidiary in Aug 2022. Singapore was selected because of its geographical and cultural background, with medical issues similar to Japan's. It was judged to be an appropriate first step for global expansion.
  • New York was selected because many pharmaceutical companies have offices on the East Coast and for Ubie to accelerate its partnerships with them.
How do we set and manage company-side/team-wide/personal goals for each?”
  • We are using the framework of OKRs company-wide to set Objectives(O) and Key Metrics(KR) to measure what matters.
  • OKRs are separated from individual evaluations and are mainly aimed at achieving stretch goals.
  • All members are responsible for setting and promoting OKRs at any level proactively, rather than setting top-down goals as is often the case.
  • We set and manage OKRs on a quarterly basis, but flexibly refine them according to changes in the environment and the progress of OKRs.
Are Japanese language skills required for work at Ubie?”
  • Not required.
  • All of our work is designed to be performed adequately without the need to understand Japanese.
  • If you need to communicate with Japan Team, native Japanese speakers in Global Team will help you as a translator. Technical support, such as using the DeepL API in Slack, is widely used across Ubie.

08. Get In Touch


We're all filled up on full-time roles at the moment. Keep an eye on Ubie's LinkedIn for the latest job openings!

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09. Company Overview



Ubie, Inc.

In May 2017

Kota Kubo (Software Engineer, Master of Engineering, The University of Tokyo) Dr. Yoshinori Abe (Physician, M.D., The University of Tokyo)


Tokyo: 6th Floor, Nihonbashi-Horidomecho 2-chome Bldg., 2-4-3, Horidomecho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0012 Singapore: Suite 4001, 176 Orchard Road #05-05, The Centrepoint, 238843 New York: 1460 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

190 (Tokyo HQ) 10 (APAC HQ) 4 (US HQ)

* Information as of Aug 2023

Image (Tokyo Office)
Image (Tokyo Office)
Map (Tokyo Office)
Image (Singapore Office)
Image (Singapore Office)
Map (Singapore Office)
Image (NY Office)
Image (NY Office)
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