Point of ViewThose who tend to matchThose who don't
I'm "purpose-oriented". Also, they say I communicate "frankly and openly"
I'm "methodology-oriented". Also, they say I communicate "in a modest and reserved manner"
hacking the human bias and common sense
doing things in the right and correct way
do everything if it has a high ROI and is necessary for achieving user/business goals
focus on my expertise and develop it more
as a member of a cross-functional team (e.g. scrum team)
with colleagues who have a similar speciality (e.g. design team, engineering team)
Identify key metrics/insights that anyone has not discovered before
stretching given key metrics by 10X
I have experience in setting team-/ company-wide missions on my own and am committed to accomplishing them
My boss often sets my missions for me, and Iā€™m good at doing it well
I'm willing to join in recruiting activities, developing organizational values, and fostering its culture
I would rather leave those activities to other members of the team
I believe it's a "waste of time" to evaluate other humans correctly. Instead, we should focus on customers
I deserve to evaluate my bosses/colleagues/juniors correctly, and I deserve to be evaluated correctly too